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The Community Voices section of the Monhegan Energy Info site features blog posts and opinion pieces from members of the Monhegan community. METF is providing this as an outlet for people to express their opinions to a larger audience. The opinions expressed in these posts are the author’s own and do not reflect the views of the Monhegan Energy Task Force.

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Monhegan Energy Action Coalition:

We are a group of citizens against having two of the worlds largest floating wind turbines placed within 2.5 miles of Monhegan.

Personal Blog Created by Jim Balano:

Off the Grid … Reasoning Through a few Monhegan Wind Power Issues by Fredrick W. Faller:

What’s the Deal? by Fredrick W. Faller:


    Re: Proposed Monhegan Island Wind Energy Project

    December 13, 2016

    To Whom It May Concern:

    We appreciate the opportunity to comment on New England Aqua Ventus’ wind energy project off of Monhegan Island through the NEPA process. We have been following this project’s evolution since 2014 and have steadfastly believed that it is a poorly sited project from the perspective of wildlife conservation.

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    ICDS Cable Blog

    In our continued attempt to learn about the potential benefits and challenges or impacts the proposed offshore wind project may have on Monhegan and in wanting to better understand our options to make an informed decision, Dan Fisher of ICDS was asked to give his professional opinion on the electric cable as an option for community benefit. Dan Fisher will neither benefit nor be affected negatively by this project. He is an impartial third party.

    ICDS Cable Blog

    ICDS, LLC has been providing engineering services to MPPD for more than 12 years for a variety of projects including, but not limited to, specifying transformers/electrical equipment, creating power company standard residential electrical interconnection details, electrical load studies, and the most recent project of designing/commissioning the new microturbine power plant. We understand that the Monhegan Energy Task Force is tasked with providing information to the community regarding the Maine AquaVentus (MAV I) project, a 12MW offshore wind project proposed two miles off of Monhegan Island. ICDS, LLC is not affiliated with Maine Aqua Ventus or their affiliates in any way; however, we thought it might be beneficial to offer our professional opinion of how this project could benefit the community by connecting MPPD electric grid to the mainland electric grid.

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    Project Timeline - 2008 to the present

    The following blog was written by Monhegan First Assessor Tara Hire and summarizes the timeline of the Maine Aqua Ventus project and discussions about offshore wind around Monhegan dating back to 2008.

    Many people are wondering how a test site for wind turbines came to be designated off the coast of Monhegan. After looking back over notes from the past six years, I have attempted to create an accurate timeline of how the project progressed from 2008 to present.

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