New England Aqua Ventus I – Project Update, December 2016

Maine Aqua Ventus provided the following project update at the community meeting held December 13, 2016. New England Aqua Ventus Project Update, December 2016 Also provided at the December meeting were a two-page information sheet and an outline of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEAP) process. New England Aqua Ventus Information Sheet – December 2016… Read More

Provision of Power vs. Alternative Benefit

Draft 7-5-1016 Maine Aqua Ventus – Monhegan Plantation Power District Provision of Power vs. Alternative Benefit (PDF Version) Under the Term Sheet approved by the Maine Public Utilities Commission, MAV will provide Monhegan with benefits as follows (Pages 4-5 under the Local Benefit Obligations): “4. Monhegan Plantation Benefits. Provide electric energy to the Monhegan Island Plantation… Read More

Updated Community Outreach Process to Determine Community Benefits Agreement between Monhegan and Maine Aqua Ventus

Background The Monhegan Energy Task Force (METF) convened its first meeting in late October 2013 and was made an official task force of the Plantation at the January 2014 assessors meeting. METF was charged with creating a line of communication and sharing information between Monhegan Plantation and Maine Aqua Ventus (MAV), the company proposing the… Read More

Monhegan Energy Task Force Meeting Minutes – May 4, 2016

Monhegan Energy Task Force Meeting Meeting Minutes May 4, 2016 Present: Travis Dow, Angela Iannicelli, Jim Balano, Matt Weber, Ben Algeo, Mary Weber, Chris Smith, Tara Hire, Jackie Boegel, Billy Boynton, Norma Kaplis, Stew Way, Melanie Greatorex, Mott Feibusch, Barbara Hitchcock, Kathie Iannicelli, Marian Chioffi.  Via zoom: Glenn Burdick, Bob Smith, Penny Smith, Laura Singer… Read More